Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Card #1 : Father's Day 2011

Hi there... How are you today? :)
What did you do for your daddy last Sunday?

I made a card for my Daddy! 
Is a very simple card:

I got the idea of the wordings of Father at one of the pin on Pinterest.  So.. 
First of all, I typed the words in Microsoft Publisher. I used the font of Impact. 
then... I printed it out in A4 normal printer paper, layered it on the black colour paper and then I cut the letters out.
At this point, I really really really wish I own a Silhouette cutter. It definitely will ease the work of cutting the letters. sigh~ only if I have $$. 
After that, I layer the black colour paper on the patterned paper, I traced the word "FATHER" and cut it out. That's why the word FATHER is in white colour. :)
Finally, adhere everything together and on a white colour card based and... 
That was it! 
A very simple yet meaningful card for Father's Day. :)

Have a wonderful day~ 

 ♥ Chloe Tsai