Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Scrapbook Layout #1: Family

I made my first scrapbook layout for Mother's day 2011 and my dad's Birthday which celebrated last Sunday (8th May). :)
I know I'm so behind the time, I'm just too busy with assignments and tests and reports.. #_#
Without further ado, I present to you my First Scrapbook Layout!

I got inspired by this: http://melaniestanczyk-justbeingcreative.blogspot.com. Once i see her layout, i said to myself, why not? I wanted to create scrapbook page for so so long but i just never get my hand into it. This time, for my dad and mom, why not do a layout with my family members' photos? all-time photos. :) so... quickly, i took out a paper and start sketching and planning. :)

Then i thought that, with the photos only is going to look very plain. Therefore, to add in some interest to the layout, i created all the paper-pieced Chinese Horoscope of my family members individually. I first google search all the different cartoon-ish animal of Rabbit, Dog, Rooster, Rat and Horse. For the Rooster, Rat and Horse, i traced the image found on the internet with Adobe Illustrator and cut the different parts out. Whereas, for the Rabbit and Dog, I'm so lucky enough to find this videos on youtube teaching how to paper-pieced the rabbit and dog by using different punches. The link is as below:

rabbit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT3FyzrryTo&feature=related
doggy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezhgfTxjOlU&feature=related

Thank so much for the two videos. But... unfortunately, I don't have the money to buy the punches hence i draw the shapes in Microsoft Publisher and trace them in Adobe Illustrator and cut all of them using my brother's cutter machine. It look be about 2 days to finish all the little creatures. :) It was challenging because all the parts are so so so small. The finished paper-pieced bunny is only about 5cm. Cute huh? Although the little cute creatures took me long time to finish it but it is all worth it. They really make the layout interesting. :)

Next, i search all the shoe boxes which has full of photos in it, searching and searching for hours to find the perfect photos. I was searching for photos when us the kids are still very baby and when my parents are still young. :) I scanned them and print it out on glossy photo paper (as we only have one copy, doesn't want to destroy it. ^_^). The photos are in size of 4x6 inches.

Then... is Assembly time! :)

Some still photos of the details:

The title "FAMILY" is letter stickers i bought at a local stationary store.
For the message at the bottom of the layout, i typed my message in Microsoft PowerPoint, painted the text box in black with the font color of white and i print it out, cut it, and pop it up on the layout with the dimensional tape. :)

For the love shape, i freehand drawn the love on the designer papers. They are from the collection of The Green Stack by DCWV. Cut the love shape out and tie a bow and pop it up. Isn't it just make the message section more lovely? :) Love it~

 So... that's how my first scrapbook layout comes to life. I really enjoy doing it. I'm sure that I'll make another layout soon after i finish my final exam. :)
Hope you all enjoy it and have a nice day~

♥ Chloe Tsai @ Creations with Zodan

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