Friday, 5 August 2011

New Beginning? :)

Hi everyone...
Awhile back, I came across to a wonderful blog. The blog is titled "Madigan Made".
I have put the link, do go and check it out.
She is really creative and I really enjoy reading her blog. It is fun and informative. I like it.

However, while I'm reading it. I noticed that I haven't welcome you all to my blog and also I didn't introduce myself to you. :)
Madigan Made, she wrote an introduction about herself and also she wrote a post about "Why I blog". She said that those two posts are important, especially the "Why I Blog" post, which I very agree to.
It is because sometimes down the road, you will lost track and forgot why you first started this blog and reading that post back will somehow bring you back the mojo and inspiration again. :)
So, Now, I'm going to sit now in front of my laptop, listening to my favourite songs and start writing. :)

I'll upload the posts in a different post. So.. Stay tuned. :)

♥ Chloe Tsai

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