Friday, 5 August 2011

Why I blog?

Blog about your hobby? crafts? 

Why blog about crafts? why blog about your hobby?
For me, it is both personal and complicated. (If you have read MadiganMade's Why I blog post, you may say that I'm copying her but I'm not. It is the truth and coincident that she and I have the same reason. Maybe all of us that blog about our hobby has the same reason. /nobigdeal )

For the personal part: 
I started this blog:
  • To keep a journal about things I love to do, things I have created. I want to document my projects and my ideas. :)
  • To motivate myself. As putting your projects or creations out there for people to see or read, sometimes you will received comments that really motivates you to do more. Other than that, when you look back to the things you have made, the satisfaction will motivates you to continue creating things that you like. 
  • To share and learn from others. Well, currently I have no readers yet but of course I hope and wish that I'll be able to share my ideas or sharing links of other peoples' great ideas and we can get feedbacks and we can learn together.  
  • Lastly, I think this last point is everyone's dream. :) It is to see if some day a hobby could turn into something more like maybe a shop or maybe workshop or bigger maybe a company. /blush 

For the complicated part:

The complicated part is that... 
I've always been a bit crafty since I don't know, since my kindergarden year? 
But few years back, I think around 2009, 
I started to browse online searching for ideas to make something for my darling boyfriend.
And I found so many amazing crafting videos in Youtube which then lead me to their websites.
I have found so so many.
Amazing crafters such as KWernerdesign, JenniferMcguireInk, etc. 
and companies such as TwoPeasInABucket, Papertrey Ink, HeroArts, etc.
Those blogs and companies somehow trigged me to wanting to open my own shop.
After reading there blogs, seeing them using all the incredible tools and products to create stuffs,
I just realise that, in the country I'm living now, we do Not have those tools and products and that just so annoy me!
And you know what?
I really went and contact all the popular brands company, and I really planned to start my own business.
I dreamed about selling all the products and also my creations. :D
But.... oh well..
$$ and time are always the problems. I'm still studying, I'm taking a quite heavy duty course which really require so much of my time. 
Other than that, I also didn't have the confidence in the things I made. I like/love what I made but I was not sure it was Good enough to sell.
so... /no I say no to my plan of opening my own shop. /please

Well, so... I calmed myself down and after all the theories/scolding/lecturing from my darling boyfriend, 
I decided to stop crazily day dreaming about it and do things step by step. :) 
So... I have stopped thinking about it, I still do sometimes, but not as crazy as before. :D
Now I'm only going to make gifts for my family and boyfriends and close friends. 

Sometimes I still day dream about owning a little shop. A little shop that sells crafts, crafting tools, all the products and decorations and maybe conducting workshops. :)

Right now the most important thing is to complete my studies first. Then.. maybe someday I will open that little shop. :D

In summary, I view this blog as a personal journal about crafts, creating, basically my hobby/the things I like to do. Just a simple blog to document what I create and the things that inspires me. Sharing ideas and sharing links. Hoping one day, this blog could be leading me to my dream shop. :)
For now, while I'm studying, I'll just follow this little blog, to where it may lead me to. :)
Feel free to come join me in this adventure of crafting life! :D

♥ Chloe Tsai

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